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What is Barking for driver?

Barking is a mobile app, that allows drivers to park in most of Tallinn parking lots and wash their cars at nearly every car wash in Estonia. Most of the time, services are cheaper using Barking app!

Thanks to Barking technology, that allows to control gates and barriers, there are new spots available that were not accessible before.

What is Barking for spot owner?

Barking is mainly a tool, that makes it possible to earn more profit by replacing hardware with digital solutions.

Make you parking lot/car wash visible to more than 50 000 drivers in Estonia and try out different campaings.

After joining Barking you're given access to the online panel where you can manage your spot/parking garage users.


After installing the app an interactive map shows you the closest parking lots/car washes. After selecting a location you can choose to navigate there or enter the premises/start the wash with a click of a button.

In that case, we won't charge you and you can leave the parking lot. We would really appreciate it if you let us know if this happens, so we can avoid these situations in the future.

Yes, you can change the car number before each parking session. You can do it on the confirmation screen, the car number is shown on the top of the pop up.

App calculates the 24-hour price automatically. At first, the fee is calculated by the hourly price, until it reaches the 1 day price. Then the counting will stop and you'll be able to park with that price up to 24 hours.

First, try to open the gate with the app by pressing the "Open gate again" button. If that fails, please let us know and we will help.

If that happens, we suggest borrowing another phone from someone and giving us a call at +372 5811 4001.

You don't have to worry about that 5€ payment. You will not be charged for that.

During initial registration the system checks if mobile payments are allowed for Barking app by making a 5€ test payment. This will be cancelled immediately. Although Elisa might still show this charge on your mobile balance, it is actually cancelled.

Mobile payments are enabled by default for Telia private users and small companies. Large corporations must give permission to use mobile payments.

Change permissions in Telia service desk.
Telefonimbri töölaud>Teenused>Mugavusteenused>Maksed mobiiliga>Sisene

Seal on valik lubatud teenusest ja sealt saab lubada ka maksed teenusele Barking. Kui Teil puuduvad õigused oma numbrit hallata, siis palun pöörduge oma tööandja poole.

Parking is expensive and Barking makes it possible to save money on parking. It also gives you the opportunity to book a spot in advance and pay for a car wash in most car washes in Estonia.

We recommend that you always check what time the parking lot closes. In a situation where you cannot free the parking spot, definitely let us know.

Kuukaardi maksed tehakse automaatselt iga kuu alguses lisatud pangakaardilt. Kui pargid erinevate autodega, saad need kõik äppi lisada.

Add card
Scan your card and enter enter your details.

Choose parking lot
Find a parking lot where monthly plans are available.

Confirm subscription
Kliki “Kuukaart” nupule ning seejärel kinnita tellimus.


Absolutely not. This is your opportunity to earn extra income, not obligation.

Depends on the location.

Example 1. Let's say your 1 spot is located in the city center and you rent it out each day for 3 hours. The indicative revenue is 1400€ / year.

Example 2. 10 spot parking lot is used approximately 6 hours every day, price is 2€/h. Total revenue is 3000€ / month.

Yes, Barking controller does not affect other systems. Everything you had before will still work.

Kõik parkijad on registreerinud mobiilinumbri, Google või Facbooki kontoga. Samuti tuleb alati lisada maksemeetod. Üle lubatud aja parkides on tavaliselt kõrgem parkimistasu ning sellest informeerime parkijat alati ette.

No, because each user is registered with phone number, Google, or Facebook and has also set up payment method. Access is only given to those who pay.

No, they cannot. Gate can only be opened by Barking user if the spot is rented out.

We'll set up an account for you, where you can view the parking session in detail and see how much you've earned. We pay the previous months earnings on a certain date of each month.

Yes! In that case, the setup process is a lot easier: contact us, we'll sign the contract and you'll be ready to start earning.

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