Subscription from App

With monthly pass you can park as much as you want to, without any limits! Monthly plan subscription payments are made automatically from your added credit card every month. Parking with multiple cards you can add them all into the app

  • Add card

    Scan your card and enter enter your details.

  • Choose parking lot

    Find a parking lot where monthly plans are available.

  • Confirm subscription

    Press the Monthly Pass button and confirm your purchase.


Prepayment from app

Ettemaksuga saab tasuda kõikide teenuste eest (va kuukaart) ning kehtib 1 aasta. Vali makseviisiks pangakaart ning lisa ettemaks mugavalt otse äpist. Nii säästad igalt parkimiselt ja pesult kuni 0.32€!

  • Add card

    Scan your card and enter enter your details.

  • Choose payment method

    Choose Payment Method from the app menu and find Prepayment

  • Make a prepayment

    Choose an amount and click "Make a prepayment"

Monthly Pass

Choose a monthly subscription from selected parking lots


Load up your account with prepaid credit.

Kuukaardi tellimus

Ettemaksu tellimus

Ettemaks laetakse Sinu äppi 12 tunni jooksul. Summa väheneb automaatselt, kui kasutad parklaid või pesulaid.

Kuukaardi tellimus