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Barking solution for parking garages is almost 100% digital. We use controllers to connect barriers and doors to the cloud. We also set up License-plate Recognition System (LPR) with multiple cameras, so users can enter without using the app. Managing users can be done online.

The app enables you to:

  1. Purchase monthly, daily or hourly parking
  2. Start and end parking session
  3. Enter your car plate number for automatic entry
  4. Open barriers and doors
  5. Navigate to the location
  6. Get 24/7 support
  7. Use up free parking time and pay for overused time


  1. To avoid investments and running costs, that come with using ticket machines, terminals and cash.
  2. Spot owner share up to 90%
  3. Kümned uued võimalused seoses turunduse, ristkasutuse, lubade manageerimise jmt. 


In addition to using conventional marketing channels such as flags and signs on the street, Barking can also be used to message users who have parked in a particular area before. The message can be sent as a pop-up or SMS. We value the privacy of our users so the message will only be sent to those, who wish to receive them.

We prefer to install barriers in parking lots where it is possible. In larger car parks we suggest using License-Plate Recognition system (LPR) to avoid negative emotions and extra cost, that comes with issuing parking tickets.

If a barrier cannot be installed (e.g. don't have power supply), then we use the help of our good partners, EuroPark Estonia OÜ or Ühisteenused AS, to ensure that the parking terms are properly followed.


The main problem we can solve for the apartment association is precluding unwanted vehicles from the premises. In other words, making the parking lot accessible only for the people allowed! 

If possible, we will install a barrier that can be opened with mobile app or with a phone call.

If the barrier cannot be installed, we will put up signs with parking terms and with the help of our partners, issue fines to infringers.


Our clients include several apartment associations, that have rented out a few spots to earn extra income. Thus, we have helped them pay for communal bills, such as renovation and accounting costs. Check out more from the videos below!


From early stages of planning, Barking can provide you with the best possible technical solutions for creating parking systems. We can also predict possible earnings and yield.


Consultation is completely FREE. Just get in touch with us, we'd be happy to discuss your ideas!


There's 110 spots in the parking lot behind EBS. Entering and exiting the premises is done using Barking app and/or LPR-cameras.

Using the Barking Online Panel, EBS admin can give prepaid credit to students and employees in a set period (e.g. semester). For example, 100€ worth of credit, that's valid for only one semester and can only be used during classes. So it cannot be used on weekends and holidays.

Other option is to set different discounts for employees or to allow free parking for VIPs.

On weekends and other times, when there is more space, EBS sells out spots for other people, who are using the app.


Office building and parking garage on Tammsaare tee 92. There's 420 spots inside, 100 spots outside and an additional underground area. Both the parking garage and sub-level area can be accessed using Automatic Number Plate Recognition system.

Online panel makes it possible for the tenants to set up cross-use in the parking building. In other words, businesses can rent out 10 spots in total, but these 10 spots can be used by 20 employees at different times.

The panel also makes it possible to pay for the parking of their clients. This happens with just a click in the panel!

Väliparklas teostab parkimiskontrolli meie koostööpartner Ühisteenused AS.


Apartment association parking lot. Residents can park using Barking app. Because there is more space than they need right now, they've decided to rent out parking spots to guests and people of a neighboring house.

Users can pay for parking with credit card or mobile invoice using the app.

Full control and real-time overview of all users.


Unfortunately, we cannot list all of our locations, but if we sparked your interest, feel free to reach out to us. We'll find the best possible solution for you!

Heino Seljamaa: Thanks to Barking, we have earned 3000€ in a year."

Besides being an actor and singer, Heino Seljamaa is also the chairman of Tatari 36 apartment association. He found out about Barking online and after investigating realised, that this will help him make use of the empty yard.

Raul Lättemägi: "Barking helps us pay our apartment building utilities."

Chairman of Lennuki 14 Raul Lättemägi discovered Barking randomly on the street of Tallinn, just as he was looking for a parking spot. He was intrigued by the logic of the system and decided to join in.

Barriers can be controlled with the application

A controller, that's the size of a smartphone, can connect up to 8 devices to the cloud, i.g the Internet. They can be barriers, gates, doors, car-washes etc.

Your current remote and card system will still work. Barking is just an additional feature.

Private user monthly fee

0 Starting from

Business client monthly fee

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Online administrative panel

Teeninduskeskkonnas näed reaalajas: kes pargib, millal parkimist alustati ning kui palju parkimistasusid laekunud on. Samuti näeb ülevaadet ja ajalugu toimunud tehingutest ja parkijatest.

Määra ise, kui mitu kohta on välja renditud juhuparkijatele ning halda oma inimeste parkimislubasid. Parkimiskohti saa välja rentida nii päeva kui tunni põhiselt.

Peale liitumist paigaldame kontrolleri ning vajadusel numbrituvastuskaamerad nädala jooksul. Seejärel loome halduskeskkonna konto ning parkimistegevus võib alata.

Barkingu kasutajad on valideeritud telefoninumbri, Google või Facebooki kontoga ning tasuline parkimine saab toimuda ainult töötava maksemeetodiga. Ainult valideeritud ja maksemeetodiga kliendid pääsevad parklatesse.

Earn money renting out your space!

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