Using Barking app at Self-Serve carwash

Watch the video to see how to use self-serve carwash with Barking app. 



Payment options

Credit card

Enter your card and pay with one click! Fees apply.



Make a deposit to your account. No fees apply.

Monthly invoice

Solution for fleet owner. Pay for washes (and parking) with one summarised invoice at the end of the month. 

Carwash Controller


- Can control self-serve and automatic carwash equipment + vacuum, pre-rinse etc.
- SIM-card allows fast mobile network connection and provides 99% reliability.
- Option for License Plate Recognition system (LPR). Ask for more details!


Installing the controller takes less than 30 minutes and can be done by anyone who knows a bit about electronics. We will give instructions and provide live support.

Want to connect your carwash?

Kuukaardi tellimus

Kuukaardi tellimus