Access to exclusive parking lots

With Barking App you gain access to exclusive parking spots that were never available before. Secure private parking lots right in the heart of Tallinn.

Book in advance

No more hassle of finding a parking spot just before the movie starts. Take control of your schedule.

Save money

Barking app will always provide better parking prices than on-street. You save around 1,2€ every hour!

EuroPark parking lots

Option to park at every EuroPark parking lot with Barking App. 50% discount in most spots!

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Choose a spot

    You can book a spot from home! Plan your time efficiently, the spot is waiting for you!

  • Open the barrier and Start Parking

    On closed areas you can easily open the barrier with Barking app. Just press the “Start Parking” button.

  • Enjoy in-expensive parking

    Save up to 50% every month by using exclusive and secure spots.

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